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Can we all admit the weather is changing? Climate change humbles coastlines, devastates crops, and releases deadly gases, but maybe the worst consequence is that it has reinvigorated the market for the much-maligned “pink slime.” Pink slime company Beef Products Inc. is reopening a plant in Kansas after demand grows in response to soaring beef prices. In April, those prices hit a record high due to severe drought conditions in California, which depleted the U.S. cattle herd. As a result, food companies are turning to less-expensive fillers to make up for the high costs.

Everyone lost it after manufacturing pictures were released of the pink slush — prompting former United States Department of Agriculture scientists Gerald Zirnstein, who originally coined the term “pink slime,” and Carl Custer, both of whom warned against consuming the “salvage product” made of waste trimmings, to urge the food industry to come clean about its dirty little secret.

According to reports, look for the Kansas manufacturing plant to reopen this month, adding a few hundred more jobs to the Garden City area, and pink slime to infest a burger near you.

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