Burger King seems always to be McDonald’s little brother who never really succeeds in getting the attention while performing magic tricks. Today’s illusion comes in the form of french fries.

According to the Huffington Post, the self-proclaimed “King” hopped on the anti-obesity train and unveiled its new low-calorie french fries,”Satisfries.” These crinkle-cut fried potatoes are only 270 calories (instead of 340 for same size fries). Burger King said that it used a different batter in order to save you the 70 calories.

Here’s what taste testers had to say about the new fries:

The new crinkle-cut version, which are significantly thicker than the regular, have a creamier and much more profound potato taste. Three of our 10 tasters preferred it to the original. The outer coating was noticeably thinner than the regular ones. But the original fries tasted well, more fried, and a bit saltier.

All tasters agreed that when you decide to eat french fries in the first place, you aren’t that concerned about the calories. You’re probably going to smother these fries in ketchup anyway, right? At that point, the taste difference becomes subtle at best. If you really want solid fast food french fries, everyone still craved McDonald’s fries over Burger King’s.

Well, it looks like Burger King is still second-fiddle to McDonald’s, but that’s just how the “chunky cookie with Oreo pieces” crumbles sometimes.

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  1. i ate crinkled fries when i was a kid twelve year’s ago

  2. Why eat fast food? McDonalds fries are laced with beef fat, which is probably why they taste good to most people…and Burger King…who eats there?

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