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I’ve never thought I’d understand the obsession folks have with women’s decisions concerning their own bodies. But as I get older, hopefully maturing at the same rate, I’m realizing how hard it is to fight the urge to control life, in general. Chasing the illusion of control can severely damage relationships, and even more tragically, can exhaust the person engaged in its pursuit. It’s so much easier to allow folks to be, free from my neurotic opinions (while I give mine now). But we can’t seem to leave women alone in their bodies.

This past weekend social media sites went nuts with folks who were astonished over pictures of a pregnant woman engaging in Crossfit.

lea ann ellison

According to CNN, folks were downright nasty with the 35-year-old Lea-Ann Ellison, who is eight-months pregnant:

“This is shocking and not in a good way. Lifting heavy things during pregnancy is dangerous to you and your baby,” Natalie Rose wrote.

“Why would you risk hurting your baby just to stay in shape?” Stephanie Herrera asked. “This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.”

It’s interesting to see women attacking this woman, but it’s no surprise, many women use hurtful, controlling language as much as men.

“This is actually sickening,’ wrote Amanda Cinq-Mars. ‘I hope pregnant [women] around the world do not do this kind of cr**.

I am a crossfit enthusiast but I DO NOT recommend this at all. Doctors always strongly suggest to not lift heavy because you can sever your placenta and cause major damage an early labour and miscarriage …. Posting this picture goes people the wrong message that this is OKAY when it’s not!!!!”

lea-ann ellison

One man, Josh Giannapolous, pointed to perceived selfishness of Ellison’s choice when he wrote:

“Cross fit? This goes way beyond a way of life, and right into an obsession … She is very selfish for endangering a life for her own personal gains and achievements. This is not a proud picture to post.”

Ellison, a former bodybuilder, reacted to all the comments by saying the following:

“I can’t believe this photo has caused this much stir but it makes me hopeful that it will inspire other strong healthy moms to continue on doing what they love. Pregnancy is not an illness! Get it Moms!”

Over on The Frisky, Jessica Wakeman summed up the reaction to these photos with this gem:

“As I sit here nibbling a bagel with cream cheese and sipping a Frappuccino, I will decline to judge another woman’s health and exercise choice. I also have never been pregnant … Nevertheless, blaming Ellison for wanting to be, by her own admission, a “hot mom” doesn’t help anyone. It’s dismaying to see a pregnant woman trashed online for doing things we want to encourage more pregnant woman to do — be happy and  exercise.”

Carry on control-seeking internet trolls … it’s got to be exhausting work making sure your opinion is heard.

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  1. I believe it’s a good idea to for her to stay in condition while pregnant. it’s beat the hell out of sitting and laying on your fat ass all those months. Then you have to get back to the gym and bust your ass again to get back in shape before the pregnancy.
    Also this woman is getting paid very well and giving “CrossFit” big kudos!!!
    I see nothing wrong in it. I would tell my wife to do the same if she were pregnant.
    Shane Roberts, I’m not an internet troll, but an Internet Ogre! RRAARRGGHH! LOL

  2. There’s nothing wrong with exercising while pregnant, it is encouraged. But lifting anything over 25lbs. is greatly discouraged during pregnancy, just as any other extreme exercises. I don’t think people were trying to be controlling, I think they’re shocked. I was too when I saw the photos! But if her doctor gave her the “ok” to do CrossFit, then fine.

  3. I would LOVE to see her children…bet they all have a permanent strained look on their faces!!! there is a Happy Medium between laying on your ass for 9 months and this child endangerment you see here!!! I thought Dr Kevorkian had passed away…what other Dr OBGYN would ok this!!??

  4. She’s putting the baby’s life in danger by lifting in this way. She’s one mistake from the unborn being injured, fatally.

  5. Question to people who are saying man things about the mother and her offspring (really low by the way Cherl)…how do we really know her workout methods are “unsafe”? If you saying that the medical profession (mostly men who do not have babies) should be the arbiter of what is or is not healthy, keep in mind this is the same profession that prescribed cigarettes for asthmatics . I am no expert so I can not and will not judge this woman. She looks remarkably healthy– not underweight etc. She probably doesn’t have gestational diabetes or toxemia. I hope her hard works yields a fast delivery to a healthy child and and fast recovery.

    • This woman is carrying triplets in that little belly! Wow! I think they will maybe about 3lb. each when born. I wish the mother well and her soon to be newborn babies. With three babies to raise, she can kiss “CrossFit” goodbye! lol But seeing her, I can see the “addiction” in her face and she’ll figure something out even if she has to strap the babies onto her body. lol

    • often times common sense speaks for me, this time I got a professional opinion and this is dangerous for the fetus embryo baby etc…She looks as if she is putting her unborn childs well being in jeopardy…not judging, just observing and offering up my opinion@ Wynning!! and for the record i am almost 100% sure we ALL hope for the best for the unborn child!!!

      • history lesson women endured a lot more than this my grandmother cleaned houses while pregnant with my mom and did some light office cleaning you either worked while pregnant or you got no benefits my mom was spared that she married a some what well off young man my dad so yeah but she worked all the way up to her due date grandma was expected to clear brush milk cows feed chickens even hitch up a horse to a carriage so yeah don’t give me that new line feminist b’s your mother and grandmother did the best they could with what they had it’s better than sitting on your arse and eating cheeto’s drinking mountain dew all day oh and hunt forgot that

        • not really sure what point you were making or to whom you were making it, BUT, I have had two pregnancies, during neither one did I desire to bench press 350, nor did I lounge around eating bonbons…MY opinion based on MY reality…this is dangerous to the unborn child!

          • being the daughter of an immigrant female i,e my mother i saw women in my family do more than just sit around and yes my grandmother did all the thing’s i mentioned earlier and more nor did i say that you did but you must understand women did a whole lot more than just cross fit one hundred year’s ago you might surprise yourself if you just read up on the subject

          • Being BLACK in America…i have heard horror stories concerning pregnancies…I STILL say based on MY reality and the professional I contacted this looks and is dangerous and very irresponsible to assert that this is ok for pregnant women to do…Now i suggest you either MAKE a point or move on…

  6. Everyone’s body is different. If she has been a crossfit enthusiast for many years and is conditioned to lift heavy and this is approved by her doctor then by all means she should be free to continue to workout in peace. However what IS dangerous is her posting these pictures irresponsibly without a big disclaimer. This is something the average pregnant woman could not do and I think in seeing these pics a pregnant woman would think “well if she can do it I can do it” which is not the case. Even conditioned crossfitters would need careful monitoring by doctors and one woman’s experience will not be another’s. While I don’t think anyone should be calling her a bad mother. I do not think this woman should be applauded or to be made a poster child for crossfit.

  7. finally i get to comment this is a little to get used to but all doctor’s say that women should maintain a certain level of fitness through out the pregnancy with that i think if she was doing this before she should continue doing it an even exercise routine rewards an even birth your eating for one really the baby not two

  8. Sexy

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