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If your lucky enough to enjoy the bountiful feast that is Thanksgiving, you might regard leftovers as the highlight of the holiday weekend. And considering the love and tender-care that goes into Thanksgiving cooking, I’d think that there would be a lot of quality turkey, stuffing, and sweet potato pies going into refrigerators around America.

Well, one hungry techie created LeftOverSwap, an app that slices thru most of the small talk of social media and gets down to the nitty-gritty: who has the best leftovers:

Here is what The Gothamist reported:

The premise is simple: If you’ve got some food you know you’re not going to eat, snap its photo, add a description (Gently used Ben and Jerry’s Half-Baked Ice Cream, good condition, light exterior wear and tear. Please note: Cookie dough has been removed) and post. A pin will drop alerting interested parties to you/your food’s exact location.

If someone nearby is interested in the crumbs your fat fingers were unable to extract from your Lay’s snack bag, you may then engage in the world’s most awkward text exchange: (Example given: “Hey, pizza still available?”) The next step, presumably, is to meet in a well-lit public place and conduct the hand-off, an interaction which onlookers will puzzle over for years to come. (“Hey, I’m Dave, and this is my pizza, Natasha. I used the napkin a little, did you…OK, no, you’ll just put it in your mouth. Cool.”)

This app would be useful in alerting any of the estimated 49 million Americans who are food insecure to the whereabouts of some of the tasty leftovers from Thanksgiving or Sunday dinner at Big Mama’s.

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  1. um growing up i never needed an app to let me know that my mom’s food was indeed leftover’s all you had to do was ask my bro and go bro yeah any left over’s in the fridge uh yeah go eat dude sure cool no app needed

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