Packed calcium and bacterial cultures along with a tangier and creamier taste, Greek yogurt is the exotic counterpart to regular yogurt. But recently, the popular yogurt brand Chobani was inundated with concerns that its Greek yogurt product tasted weird.

Chobani’s Facebook page blew up from fans who reported fizz and bloating from inside the containers, which prompted the company to pull some of its product from grocer’s shelves. According to the International Business Times, the culprit may be mold. The Food and Drug Administration announced today that it’s looking into the situation.

According to Salon, Chobani hasn’t issued an official recall yet, and says the problem is contained to yogurt that comes from its Idaho plant — less than 5 percent of its overall production.

The company released the dates and codes of affected batches, and is offering to send replacements to anyone who bought the tainted yogurt.

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