snoop doggSnoop Dogg (Lion) wants to help find homes for dogs on the chopping block. If you roll thru any-hood, U.S.A., you’ll see a plethora of roaming dogs, which eventually get scooped up by Craig’s father (the dogcatcher [Friday reference]), only to be later euthanized.

It’s a sad fate for most dogs, but human society can’t have too many of these homeless tramps procreating with every lady that shows them some love in the back alley of an Italian restaurant.

According to Snoop Dogg, a lack of dog food in shelters is an even bigger issue than lack of space and many animals are euthanized “because there’s not enough food to feed them. So we [Dog for Dog] figured we can say ‘Buy some dog food for your dog, and we’ll drop [an additional bag] off at a local shelter.’ You save a dog’s life.”

In partnering with Dog for Dog, the rapper joins fellow celebrity supporter Chelsea Handler and company founder/Relatively Media CEO, Ryan Kavanaugh.

Hopefully, this is a small gesture that goes towards dismantling the ubiquitous myth that blacks hate animals.

Patrice O’Neal breaks down the myth below [NSFW]:

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  1. as the proud owner of a pit bull mix i’m happy to say my step mom rescued her from being euthanized she’s a true joy to own and know i applaud m’r snoop dog for his effort’s

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