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What would be your last wish if you had a terminal illness? I’d probably say a bunch of my truth that I am still too scared to say, but don’t get me wrong, my bucket list would be full of sex, drugs, and hip-hop.

Staying on course, on an online episode of Jerry Seinfeld’s Acura-sponsored, Emmy-nominated series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Chris Rock revealed that he snuck the Pamela Anderson sex-tape into the room of a terminally-ill cancer patient.

Part of a Make-A-Wish Foundation visit, Rock explained to Seinfeld that it was part of the teenage boy’s last wishes:

“I snuck him the Pam Anderson sex tape,” the comedian told Jerry Seinfeld.

After hearing of Rock’s hilarious final offering to the 15-year-old, Seinfeld takes his hands off the steering wheel and laughs while clapping.

Rock says the boy “is dead now,” which prompted Seinfeld to offer a eulogy, humorously lamenting the teen enjoyed some titillating moments before dying.

“He lived a little more!”

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  1. This is too funny!

  2. this may sound cliche and stupid but for the untied state’s and russia to finally agree on being at least friend’s slash enemies bye

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