Binge soda drinkers may be at risk of impotency and early loss of life. The results of a new study, which are similar to mice inbreeding studies, showed that males were not all that interested in sex while female mice were dying at twice the rate of females on a regular diet, according to research published online Tuesday in the journal Nature Communications.

“Would you rather be on the American diet … or have parents be full cousins?” said senior author Wayne Potts, a biology professor. “This data is telling us it’s a toss up.”

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, studies indicate that between 13 and 25 percent of Americans get a quarter or more of their calories from added sugars, which also include candy, cookies, fruit drinks and ice cream. While previous studies have found sugar has a toxic effect, they generally used amounts much higher than most people actually eat, said the study’s first author, James Ruff.

“I think the big takeaway is the level of sugar we readily eat and think is safe causes major health declines in mice,” said Ruff, who recently earned his doctorate at the U. “We’re not just talking about some minor metabolic thing. We’re taking about increased rates of death and [lower rates] of reproduction.”

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  1. It’s really the sugar content of the product. I hate too much sugar, I get high on it.

  2. this is why other nations refuse to take us seriously anymore this right here less than two third’s of american service men and women are fully able to wear a military uniform obesity is bad kid real bad

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