ice-tWhen anyone who enjoys hip-hop music discusses the origins of West Cost rap — which the media dubbed ‘gangsta’ rap and rappers have since embraced — one cannot leave out the legend of Ice-T. A self-proclaimed hustler and minor pimp, the oft-cast on-screen cop has been in the news lately not because of his insightful documentary, Something from Nothing: The Art of Rap, debuted on television recently, but due to his highly-publicized romance with wife Coco Austin.

Late last year, Coco and rapper Ap.9 leaked a few pictures to gossip blogs that captured what would look like, on the surface, suggestive cheating postures, which were thought to be damaging to her relationship with Ice-T. But soon after the media moved on and a few other pics surfaced of overzealous fans grabbing Coco’s ample ass, which is her claim to fame, Ice-T handled it like any other old school player would handle these type of shenanigans: not say shit!

But that didn’t stop Black Twitter from roasting and flat-out disrespecting the 55-year-old actor, who also has had a few low-profile Twitter beefs with younger rappers like Soulja Boy and Bow Wow. Well, all the beef has apparently led Ice into a fitness regimen and in front of a mirror to take a selfie that he posted on Twitter with the caption that read:

This morning: MFs popin shit… 55yrs old. “Don’t sleep on the old cats.”

The pic is blurry but it clearly shows that Ice-T is happy with whatever his fitness goals are, and he wants you to know that he’s ready for whatever might happen in cyberspace. Considering most women I know really don’t get off on muscles past a second-longer gaze, and much rather have a man that is heart disease-free, I’m conjecturing that Ice did this for himself and all the roughnecks on the internet.

What’s interesting about this story is whether or not Ice will go down Dr. Dre’s rout, looking like an aging superhero whose only enemies are in his nightmares. I kid, but if anyone doesn’t understand why baseball players use steroids and HgH, just look at Dr. Dre in 2013, at 48-years-old — the man looks like what he should have looked like at 25 without all the enhancers.

What do you think about Ice-T blurry buffness?

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  1. Apparently he’s taking steroids and HGH. Old guys at your age can’t get like like that with chemical enhancements.

  2. I meant “OUR AGE”!

  3. hmmm hard to say if he’s actually healthy i mean steroids are not the way to go at all

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