4. BoltHouse Farms Chocolate Protein Plus

Chocolate lovers can delight in this non-gritty treat which BoltHouse declares their answer to the chalkiness of lots of other protein shakes on the planet. Packed with plenty of protein, vitamins and minerals, this creamy beverage tastes almost too good to be true.

Per bottle: 16g protein, 140mg sodium, 630mg potassium, 29g carbohydrates

What are some of your favorite store-bought health drinks?

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  1. Have you tried Tea of a Kind? I love it! Ready to drink bottled tea. My fav is the Peach Ginger Black Tea http://www.teaofakind.com.

  2. I LOVE Bolthouse Farms! Hate the price :-(.

  3. I have to ask about the Naked I ecently read that is is made with GMO”s how does this impact your choice?

    • I also ran into an article that mentioned this brand online when I was researching GMO products tied to Monsanto. Many products are now being hidden under the guise of natural and healthy to cajole us into buying them! The term ‘All Natural’ can mean anything or nothing and is an advertising ploy to convince us that we are choosing completely healthy products from nature. Make sure your product is certified USDA organic and No GMOs! Make sure all the seals are displayed and take time to do a little research. Those of us who have read the research and are concerned about GMOS have a right to know what we are eating and feeding our familys!!!

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