Even the best hair care routine can be void of proper moisture and hydration. To keep locs soft and healthy, your hair care routine depends on a few critical habits: drinking lots of water to promote inner and outer hydration, and a daily moisturizer to seal in the hair’s natural oils.

Love your locs with a hydration routine that’s easy to follow and easy to understand.

If your locs have been feeling the effects of harsh weather or restore moisture to with these top leave-in treatments that won’t leave any residue behind:

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  1. I haven’t tried the others, but I can co-sign Eden BodyWorks Hairmilk; however, with any product containing glycerin, it’s best to stay away from it in the winter months.

    • why stay away from glycerin in winter?

      • @tinaaa:
        Glycerin is a humectant which is great during the summer months because it draws in moisture from the air. It does the opposite in the winter (the cold air will draw the moisture out from your hair). I still use humectants like honey when i deep condition (b/c it will be washed out), but I wouldn’t use it in my styling products or leave ins.

  2. I think I’m more excited about the gorgeous woman with locs in the picture than the article itself! hehe!

    But anyways, it feels good to know that I can use a few of these products to keep my locs (once they mature) nice & mositurized. I actually have the SheaRadiance product from when I used it on my loose natural hair, and since my hair LOVES the EdensBodyWorks Tea Tree hair oil, it think it’ll respond well the the hair milk too.

    Despite the fact that this website itsn’t soley dedicated to natural hair, it’s nice to see a few articles discussing loc hair care <3

  3. I have had my locs for 12 years. I’m currently looking for a good shampoo and a leave in conditioner. i have never used these products before but I really like the ingredients. However the expedited shipping is way too expensive,

  4. Best I have ever used is the Karmin 🙂

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