Stay on top of your mental, emotional and physical health in 2013 by managing stress a little better and reducing your propensity towards anxiety by implementing effective habits that will keep your mind and body at peace no matter how rocky the day may be.
Learning to manage stress is a powerful skill to have.

Sometimes life hands us more than a bag of lemons; it gives us stressful situations wrapped up in bills, unruly children, natural disasters, unemployment and you can probably name the rest. But these obstacles in life don’t have to be the breaking point.

With just a few days away from entering the dawn of a new year there’s still time to discover a few techniques we can take into the New Year:

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  1. I recently got into yoga and meditation, taking a class one day a week…but I need to increase that…but it definitely was the best decision ever!!

  2. Writing and listening to music always helps me when I’m stress.

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