Fresh Start vs. Evergreen


Do you have a goal for a 30 day resolution, or a 365 day resolution? Make it clear from the beginning. Identify which goals are short-term, just to kick start the New Year like eating a raw for a month, and which goals are long-term where it will be a guideline all year around like daily or weekly exercise.

Provide a timeline or a deadline for each individual resolution. This way, the expectations are really clear.

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  1. Totally agree! Thanks for the encouragement…! Need to make my exercise more of a commitment and not just leave it for when I can get together with friends to play ball or when I can get together with the lady to go to the gym together…I enjoy doing bootcamp exercises I realize, the motivation, group effort, and beach setting really help. Plus I’m surrounded by people that all want the same thing in the same way and enjoy living fully as much I do.

    I totally would suggest a “beach bootcamp” that you can google next to “free” since many are all around Los Angeles, Huntington Beach and Santa Monica as well! Good luck all! All the best! =)

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