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It’s here, finally! After days of dodging inquiries about her apparent “flu,” Kim Kardashian has her beau, Kanye West, to thank for announcing that she’s indeed pregnant.

According to multiple tweets from Kanye’s Revel Atlantic City show, the megastar shared with his fans his elation over Kim being pregnant.

Check the tweet from one of Kayne and Kim’s loyal followers:

Kanye Kim pregnant

And the family has all checked in on Twitter to confirm the pregnancy …


Apparently, everyone in the Kardashian family knew well before this official announcement by Kanye:

khloe kardashian

Screen Shot 2012-12-31 at 1.06.35 AM

kourtney kardashian

Let the madness begin …

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  1. Wow. Just wow. 2013 is going to be cray

  2. Happy for them. Put a ring on it Kayne

  3. Cray 0_0

  4. Why is gossip news on Frugivore?

  5. LOVES IT! 2013 will be epic #kimye

  6. How can he put a ring on it when she is still married and NOT divorced!!!

  7. This is some rachet-ass-ness. First the 60 day marriage, now this 🙁

  8. I guess Kanye is trying to trap Kim. Poor thang…kanye, that is.

  9. Why do people dare about thes famewhores? Take care of your own families. Live authentic lives. Neither one of these morons give a damn about your life.

  10. I’m not even trying to be a gossip hound but i sort of feel bad for anyone that is born to kim…i just pray she’s nothing like she seems on tv…for the sake of her child…hopefully her maternal instincts kick in and she puts her child above herself and her fame. I couldn’t care less about these two…their baby tho…

  11. thats what happens when you have unprotected sex ..duh! who cares this is news?NEXT

  12. I think everyone should just let Kim kardashian live her life !! And keep rude comments to themself! My mom always said , “IF YOU HAVE NOTHING NICE TO SAY ! SAY NOTHING AT ALL “!!!!!!

  13. HmmmYouainthearditfromme

    Kanye got his best friend (Jay), employee’s wife (Kris) pregnant. How tacky is that?? Kim is so desperate for attention she’ll do anything to keep the shine on her. She’s such an attention whore smh. Watch how quick Kris Jenner pimps the hell out of her child.

  14. Kayne has absolutely no class much less talent. He’s a little boy looking for attention. Well he found some; with the name Kim Kardashian. Kim if your dad saw how you are disgracing your family he’d toss in his grave. You are a pathetic talentless lousy excuse for a woman and mother perpetuates this! You embarrass the word Lady. In which you are not.

    The majority of the population who even acknowledges your existence is laughing. Get a grip. Get a life. Grow up
    and try to be a decent human

  15. If I wanted anybody to be with Kim K, it would have definitely been Kanye. Think about it( Haters), they both represent “Fashion in love”. And don’t try to steal that title ( Fashion in Love) buy it from me first, that’s the american way, lbvs! But foreal, Please stop wasting your time Hating on Kim K. She is as fine as wine, got a mama acting as her Pimp, and a real nigga baby daddy, They winning! And of course I saw the tape, I think anyone who say they havnt should be Shot For lying! Lol

  16. Lucifer must be happy another worshipper to follow

  17. I hope this garbage does not dump this innocent child to the world of Luminati fame and fortune and selling the childs soul to the devil like all the rest of you Hollyweardos and Famous singers do. Have some respect and let the child decide whats right and wrong.

  18. Dad represented a murderer who is bubble asses godfather the whole family are no bodies and now rich and famous. Answer is easy the devil contract was signed.

  19. Her ass will still be bigger than her tummy when this pig delivers

  20. any new articles 🙂

  21. Who cares??? Let me know when some one who’s making a difference in the world is blessed to bring a life into the their World,,,,

  22. I could care less about hollywood whos doing who mess, but as a child who has lost a parent the ones of you refering to their deceased parents tossing in their grave need some serious respect mentoring. IDGAF if some NOBODY would talk ill of my parents and their grandchildren. all hell would break loose. For real people learn some respect, even if you dont respect the live individual.

  23. (Post-Beyonce Bowl) Kim who?

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