Love her or hate her, Basketball Wives reality star Evelyn Lozada has a banging body. Despite her lewd acts, on and off the camera, we can’t deny the fact that this girl’s workout routine has left her as hot as her temper is. Now she’ll be sharing her fitness, health, and diet tips in a new blog deal with Latina magazine. All that we can say is a good move Ev.

“I’m thrilled and super excited to be the new Fitness blogger for Latina! Read about it below,” she tweeted Wednesday.

Looks like some of her time spent with Iyanla Vanzant on the Fix My Life episode is really paying off. This new deal may be the precursor to Lozada turning around her image and attracting some positive attention to her widely known bullying-glass-throwing-jumping-over-tables persona.

“We are thrilled to announce that Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada is’s new celeb fitness blogger,” reads the statement on the magazine’s website. “Beginning next week, the curvaceous Puerto Rican reality star will be blogging about her favorite fitness routines, her healthy diet & more in a weekly fitness blog exclusively for readers!”

Since moving on from a messy domestic violence situation and divorce from ex-football star Chad Ochocinco, it looks like Lozada is taking her business ventures seriously. In addition to her new fitness blog, the reality star promotes her cosmetics line E by Evelyn, a book Inner Circle, and a line of t-shirts featuring her famed tag lines from BBW, “You Ain’t About This Life” and “You’re a N’F Factor… Bitch!”.

Will any of you be following Evelyn’s fitness advice?

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  1. Happy for Evelyn and must commend her for not allowing circumstances to deter her. Congrats!

  2. People on Facebook be hating but I’m glad she’s taking advantage of the good PR people are offering.

  3. Evelyn is not a fitness expert. She has no professional training or qualifications. She looks good for her age, so I’d rather hear from the people that trained her.

  4. Ms. Congeniality

    “Will any of you be following Evelyn’s fitness advice?”

    No. From interviews and photos of her, I get the impression she works her abs to the neglect of other parts of her body. Her abs look both a bit muscular AND covered in a layer of fat at the same time. Her arms and legs appear as it they are not at all toned. It looks quite odd to my eyes.

    Further, I am very uneasy about her supposed turnaround. She still sells those ratchet t-shirts?!?! If so, she is still capitalizing off of other people’s pain and public humiliation/disrespect. I will not support someone who has done the things she has done (and likely continues to do) to other women. I have not forgotten. In fact, I would much sooner take fitness advice from Royce or Keyshia (sp?) (two of the women she has bullied). Their bodies are waaaay more fit. Besides, there are true fitness experts and gurus out there who don’t have histories of tormenting and terrorizing other folk and who do what they do out of a commitment to health and fitness rather than as some publicity stunt or attempt to redeem their tarnished image.

  5. congrats evelyn! this is a great post.

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