Chris Brown alert: He has gone off again!

This time, on his Instagram, @fuckyopictures, Chris wanted to let all of those, especially women, who are skinny-shaming him to get their miles up on the treadmill before they go in on him.

Apparently, Chris took exception to the grumblings from his Instagram followers who are echoing what some concerned bloggers have suggested; that is, in past year, it seems that Brown’s many different troubles may have led to him to lose weight, drawing more attention to his already slender frame.

In this particular vitriolic rant, instead ignoring the meaningless comments, Brown returned the favor by fat-shaming in an attempt to release whatever anxiety he felt about his shape:

“The funniest shit is the comments on me being too skinny! Half of y’all bitches are super obese and fat as fuck! I dance and workout constantly! It’s called being healthy. Some need stop running their mouth and get that fat ass on a treadmill. I can hear u wheezing on my comments.”

First of all, let’s all agree on the obvious — he’s still the most immature entertainer in the world. Yes, Craig, the world!

More importantly, Chris seems to have no alternative way to healthily release his violent thoughts other than social networks. He consistently finds a way to alienate a portion of his fans, which all of whom seem to understand his growing pains. This time he took out his frustration on women who happen to be overweight, yet there were plenty of male followers were telling him “Hit the gym …”

Even more interesting, by singling out his female followers, Chris highlights a topic not widely talked about often: Men and body image.

Philadelphia-based pop culture writer, and founder of MUSED, Drew Shane writes,

“For many years studies have been conducted dissecting women but men are just as body conscious. We want to have the chiseled body. We want to look younger … Nevertheless, we only hear about women and the effects that the media has on them. Somehow their counterparts are forgotten.”

Hopefully, we’ll see a total metamorphosis in Chris’ behavior, and he starts to respect women in the near future, but until then, we’ll have to wait and see because he clearly is not going away.

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  1. ok….so….Now what?

  2. This dude is lost

  3. Chris Brown is at it again. I think he has real issues with women regardless of their size. Get help Chris. You may be wealthy but you will never be truly happy or healthy until you can control your rage.

  4. Chris is getting worse.

  5. Please get help. I love Chris music but this ish got to stop.

  6. Why are we even responding to the obvious rants of a grown ass little boy! When my kids have temper tantrums…I shut that mess down and send them to their room…Ain’t nobody got time for that! LOL

    • @Kirsten: Lol @ “grown ass little boy”… true though. I just want ppl to stop giving him attention. He’s like a little kid who thinks he has to have tantrums and outbursts in order for people to give him attention. Ignore the foolishness people.

  7. FAIL! Find him a therapists now

  8. Who said he is singling out female followers? Just because he said bitches? Plenty of men get called bitches when doing something stupid, or “bitch-made”. That is gender-neutral…

  9. I think I would have said the same thing if I were fragile, angry and had more than enough money to be happy but somehow can’t find it.

  10. He spitting the truth. Haven’t any of y’all seen Catish. Fat people sit behind them screens talking shit all day long. I bet they watch what they say now.

  11. There is lots of functional crackheads walking and his behaior is very crackheadish

  12. What is up with ignoring the fact that these women came to HIS Instagram account to leave comments complaining about HIS size like it was THEIR business? Why is it okay for them to complain about his shape but for him to NOT call them out for doing the same. Unbelievable. If you can dish it, you should be able to take it.

    • Chris is just defending himself against the critics. Its like the media is trying to make people dislike him more. I haven’t drank the Kool-Aid & thank God, I have a mind of my own…Chris Brown has a right to go up against his bashers. It’s really that simple & anyone with brains would see that.

    • Very True!

    • @Maroonsista: thank u! Why do people feel entitled to throw offensive slurs at others and expect to be blown kisses in return? So it’s ok for grown ass men and women to emotionally abuse Chris by talking about his body? You all need to recognise that behind the glitz and glam there is a human being with his own issues and insecurities! Fall the fuck back!

  13. When Tyrese and Boris Kodjoe did the same thing and called out women who needed to get their weight in check, nobody told them they needed to go to therapists. I just can’t see blaming Chris Brown for someone coming to HIS page to insult them. Here’s a thought. Don’t want to be insulted. Don’t insult someone else.

  14. Someone commented about him for bring too skinny and he whenresponded about being too fat…. no he is being disrespectful. If that is the case first of al the person or persons who wrote the comments are the one’s who are disrespectful and insensitive…..sorry folks it is just human nature to respond and I do not blame him at all. It is what is…

  15. yo some one knock some sense into chris brown

  16. If you dish, you should be prepared to take it! I agree with him on this one…

  17. I think Chris Brown would can smack some of you fans in the face and you would still come to his defense. Insulting people isn’t defending yourself… it’s, like someone said in a previous comment, throwin a tantrum. He’s a child. How can you understand a grown child? I will never understand what some women see in CB.

  18. the thing about Chris Brown is… he never grew up. Most artists you watch mature, but Brown got famous as a teen and stopped maturing right around then.

  19. I actually get some of you guys’ arguements, that he is just responding to ppl he considers “haters” and that Tyrese did the same thing and no one said anything. It’s one of those situations where it’s not what is said, but how he said it. Tyrese took it from a health standpoint, noting the deseases obesity causes and was more of a motivator about it, like a good trainer or something along those lines. Brown calling these women “bitches” that are “fat as hell” and need to ge their “fat asses on a treadmill” is beyond immature and does nothing in the way of encouraging anyone to get their health situation together, so that arguemment is out the window. as for him “defending himself” you don’t need to insult others to defend yourself, something along the lines of “Ya’ll think I’m gettin too slim? Damn, guess those hours at the gym paid off!” or something like that would have been enough, but no, he wants to rant like he’s a high school kid begging for attention.

    I actually love him music, he is an amazing artist, but he is the most childish entertainer I’ve seen in a LONG time!

  20. People in glass houses shouldnt throw stones. However It takes maturity to ignore or block people that are being rude. I’m not here to bash Chris Brown for defending himself. I do think it could have been dealt with better than that.

  21. This guy is very obviously on drugs. The sunken eyes, the sunken cheekbones, the glassy eyes (all the time), the inability to conduct himself in an appropriate manner, the lashing out. Duh. DRUGS!

  22. What’s hilarious is that I am almost 100% confident the person sent the message isn’t even fat!

  23. Why should I inconvenience myself and be miserable just so this piece of garbage can have more pretty things to look at? He’s an abuser anyway. Who cares what he thinks!

  24. Leave Chris the hell alone! Actually he lloks Great, and I agree if you dont want a negative comment made to you then dont make a negative comment about someone else! It’s that simple. Someone said he was too skinny and he said the Bitch was too fat! What’s the problem??? LOL

  25. Im a little late.. But Chris is human.. He has some growing to do..But he is young. Since he is rich and famous he shouldn’t be allowed to expres himself.. For all of u throwing stones.. Just think back to when u were younger when some one insulted you.. or someone u loved did you respond with a smile?. Come on people.. dont act like u have never had to check somebody. If u dont want to box… stay out of the ring…

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