Late yesterday evening, Beyoncé revealed a preview from her Pepsi commercial, set to air after the Pepsi-sponsored Super Bowl half-time show on February 3, 2013, which she is headlining.

Beyoncé’s Pepsi commercial is a part of a $50 million dollar deal which names her the global brand ambassador to the brand and includes limited-edition cans, which show a pop art-inspired outline of her fully made-up face. The ad campaign will coincide with the release of new music from the superstar.

Of the high profile collaboration, the singer, who has already appeared in four Pepsi ad campaigns, said: “Pepsi embraces creativity and understands that artists evolve. As a businesswoman, this allows me to work with a lifestyle brand with no compromise and without sacrificing my creativity.”

Reactions have been mixed. Fans view the campaign as a momentous accomplishment for the singer, while others chide Beyoncé for supporting a sugary-soda brand which is a health affront to many American consumers. They even accuse the diva of hypocrisy for appearing in Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” initiative to encourage good health among children and later, shelling Pepsi cans.

One commenter said: “Parkinson’s, heart disease, obesity, stroke and Alzheimer’s tincture. Another celebrity getting paid to keep America on their mainline like heroine. I respectfully decline supporting this travesty.”

Another writes: “With diabetes and other ailments at an all time high, one would wonder why celebrities who claim to care so much about their fans would endorse soda. Almighty dollar.”

While Pepsi isn’t great for your health, is it Beyoncé’s responsibility to make sure America drinks less soda?

What are your thoughts? Should Beyoncé only endorse products that promote good health? 

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  1. It’s not her responsibility to make sure people don’t drink soda but it’s conflicting either way. I’m pretty certain there’s not one box of pepsi in her household and a can hasn’t touched her lips in years. Why endorse something you don’t use? Nonetheless there’s a reason Beyonce is Beyonce so kudos to her business acumen even if it is manipulative.

  2. GET REAL PEOPLE! When did Beyonce become responsible for everyone’s health?? She is a celebrity and this is part of her job. Her representing Pepsi doesn’t mean go out and drink a thousand of them in one day. Myself, for example, enjoy a can of soda once in a while when I just want that “fizzy” feeling. If you have diabetes or any other health ailment from drinking an abundance of soda or anything else of the sort is on YOU! People need to stop blaming others for what they’re going through and realize the wrong that they are doing. I am a huge Beyonce fan and am excited to see everything she has to offer in 2013.

  3. she is good for Business. If you don’t like it then”

  4. Ok, so she goes on Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign in 2011 to encourage kids with obesity issues to get more exercise and move their bodies. She made a video and all. Doesn’t it seem rather conflicting at this point. Sure, everyone is responsible for their own health, but Pepsi didn’t pay her 50 mil for nothing. They are expecting her to bring in sales, and by bringing in sales you bring in consumers wanting a product with zero nutritional value, contributes to obesity, and does everything contrary to her participation in “Let’s Move”. The stats are plain and simple. Obesity is the number one killer in America and 1.4 to 2 times more prevalent in people of color. Sure she’s not forcing people to drink Pepsi, but she is sure not helping the situation. I say, if you are not part of the solution (as she once appeared), you are part of the problem (as is now – in my opinion). I would love to hear Michelle Obama’s take on this.

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