4. Diet Soda

Think you can’t kick your diet soda habit in 2013? Think again once you’ve heard the news.

Deadly and unhealthy, diet soda has been linked to a number of adverse health effects including heart attacks in men, fatty liver disease, weight gain, diabetes and certain types of cancer.

Try seltzers and aspartame-free sparkling waters for that fuzzy carbonated feeling you crave.

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  1. White flour and white flour products should be on the list, also.

  2. I think its less about the foods to stat away from, and more about the healthy foods you put in. Also, number 1 & 3 are a bit flawed in your post. Yea, sweet potatoes have tons of nutritional benefits, however BOTH sweet & white potatoes are high inVitamin C, B6, and potassium. The both contain the same calorie, fat, carbohydrate, and protein contents and white potatoes are high in folate & the skin has added benefit. It all boils down to how you cook it as well. Are candied sweet potatoes better for you than a baked white potatoe with a lil olive oil? Nope!

    Regarding TVP; its usually used by those just getting familiar with a meatless lifestyle and early on many did not pay attention to the ingrediants. Brands like Morningstar farms are seeing dips because of this & now we have brands like Gardain are much healthier & less “processed”. TVP is rarely the main source of food for vegetarians/vegans and within the past year or two temph has gained popularity and theres always tried & true tofu.

  3. Cant afford organic anything! Make it affordable before you push it down our throats.

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