Are you ready and set with your New Year’s resolutions to improve your health, eat better and exercise more?

As many of us continue to add to our 2013 health and fitness goals, there are a few food habits we should all think about kicking as we close out the last few weeks and enter the new year with a happy, healthy and successful outlook.

Here are 5 foods you can leave behind in 2012:

1. White Potatoes

Given their high glycemic index rating, white potatoes have become the step-child on the list of “bad for you” carbohydrate scale.

If you’re trying to stay slim or avoid gaining weight, you’ll do well by keeping potatoes (in any form, i.e. French fries, mashed, baked, boiled) off your dinner plate.

Switch out your craving for sweet potatoes which pack a powerful dose of fiber and vitamin A.

2. GMO Foods

Proposition 37 didn’t hold up in congress but that doesn’t mean your diet has to be doomed to eating genetically modified foods.

Fill your pantries and refrigerators with certified organic meats and produce whenever possible.

3. Vegan Frankenfoods (TVP)

Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP) products produced from soybean oil used as a protein rich meat analogue (think veggie patties and non-chicken “chicken nuggets) are largely made using genetically modified organisms. Ninety percent of all soybeans made in the U.S. contain GMOs.

These “meat like” products also undergo a rather egregious processing lifecycle full of aluminum, acid washing and MSG to clean and imitate the taste of meat. Just say no.

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  1. White flour and white flour products should be on the list, also.

  2. I think its less about the foods to stat away from, and more about the healthy foods you put in. Also, number 1 & 3 are a bit flawed in your post. Yea, sweet potatoes have tons of nutritional benefits, however BOTH sweet & white potatoes are high inVitamin C, B6, and potassium. The both contain the same calorie, fat, carbohydrate, and protein contents and white potatoes are high in folate & the skin has added benefit. It all boils down to how you cook it as well. Are candied sweet potatoes better for you than a baked white potatoe with a lil olive oil? Nope!

    Regarding TVP; its usually used by those just getting familiar with a meatless lifestyle and early on many did not pay attention to the ingrediants. Brands like Morningstar farms are seeing dips because of this & now we have brands like Gardain are much healthier & less “processed”. TVP is rarely the main source of food for vegetarians/vegans and within the past year or two temph has gained popularity and theres always tried & true tofu.

  3. Cant afford organic anything! Make it affordable before you push it down our throats.

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