Going green at home doesn’t take a whole lot of planning, rocket science or a guru for explanation. By simply switching out your old products which get the job done at the expense of your health and the health of the environment, you can completely detox your normal cleaning routine in favor of protecting your home.

Get clean and green with these affordable cleaning options that take care of all of your household needs for under $5 bucks!

1. Method Antibacterial Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Detox the most toxic of locations in your home with a green cleaner for a clean, bacteria-killing scrub down of your commode.

Method cleaning products are gentle on the environment and focus on a cradle to cradle approach to protecting the environment.
Cost: $4.99

2. Seventh Generation Shower Cleaner

You don’t need bubbles that scrub or harsh chemicals to turn your shower into a clean haven ready for your next encounter.

Seventh Generation’s shower cleaner is made with plant-derived cleaning agents scented with essential oils and botanical extracts that don’t harm the environment or the health of your household.
Cost: $4.99

3. Mrs. Meyers Liquid Dish Soap

Let your dishes meet their match with natural ingredients that fight grease and debris like nobody’s business. Mrs. Meyers dish soap is made with soap bark extract and other natural ingredients that rinses clean.
Cost: $3.99

4. Berkley Green Multi-purpose Cleaner

Put down your tried-and-true bleach which is toxic to your health not to mention the environment. For an all-purpose cleaner try Berkley Green’s approach for natural degreasing and removal of everyday dirt from granite, stainless steel, appliances and counter tops.
Cost: $3.69

5. J.R. Watkins Window & Glass Cleaner

Keep your windows and glass furniture squeaky clean with J.R. Watkins answer to traditional toxic window cleaning products. This product uses coconut-based cleaning agents for a fresh clean you’ll feel safe about.
Cost: $4.99

Do you currently use green cleaning products to keep your home toxic-free?

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  1. I clean green at home. Here’s a list of my favorite products, all under $5 too!

    I also love Seventh Generation and Berkley Green products. Thanks for including them!

    Method, Mrs. Meyers, and J.R. Watkins use synthetic fragrances which can be irritating and possibly have long term health effects. (I would use caution with anything that says “fragrance” on the package. More info at http://www.ewg.org/guides/cleaners) Of course, they’re better than a lot of other things sold in stores, so sometimes you’ve just got to go with the lesser of two evils.

    Thanks for bringing people’s attention to these issues. I love Frugivore! <3

  2. I never even knew cleaning products under $5 even existed, appreciate you sharing!

  3. This could help in cleaning our utensils. I normally do my own dish washing soap so that I can save money. I’m glad I was able too look for cleaning products at $5.

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  5. I am starting to find love for Method products. I’ve been happy with the ones that I’ve tried!

  6. I’ve never used J.R. Watkins cleaners, but I have used their hand soap and room spray. Good stuff.

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