Let’s face it, sometimes the most wonderful time of the year is also the busiest time of the year. Between holiday shopping and holiday parties it’s hard to find time to head to the gym. But being busy should never be an excuse for not getting your workout in.

These three bodyweight exercises can be done almost anywhere with no gym or equipment needed.


You might not want to do this particular exercise out in public unless you’re fond of stares and glares, but if you can find 5 minutes and a quiet corner, this workout is for you.

Stand tall, and bend over until your fingertips are on the floor.

Next, walk the hands forward while keeping the legs straight until you’ve reached a traditional push-up position.

Finish off the move by taking tiny steps to get your feet back up to your hands.

Repeat for 4-6 reps.

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  1. Exercise #2 for me is the most doable since the holiday season will keep everyone busy as well as the check out lines almost every where, right?

  2. I’ve tried these workouts and they actually work really well. I’m in the process of toning my body.

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