I’m no relationship expert but I do know that having a set of standards is important for establishing a healthy dating life. After all, you wouldn’t want to get tangled up with someone whose values you don’t necessarily, well … value. My list isn’t long. In fact, it’s pretty practical. I do my best to avoid complete psychopaths, liars, cheaters, and the occasional egotistical rambler who spends more of their time blowing smoke up their own hemline than trying to get to know me.

Included in this list are also grounds for certain attributes of individuals that are complete deals breakers. Under no circumstances will I involve myself with the likes of anyone that doesn’t have a concern for the environment or the well-being of their community. And no, it’s not too much to ask. They don’t have to necessarily be planting trees every Friday or be an absolute composting ninja, but they should have a healthy affinity for learning more about how they can make the planet better.

A few weeks ago I went out on one of many outings with a man I was dating. We’ll call him “Mr. Transition” as we were introduced during a big moment of change in my life. Though we didn’t necessarily gel together as I would have hoped, he was a great distraction from my life in the slow and single lane and offered another opportunity for me to add to my list of don’ts.

Mr. Transition and I were on opposite ends of the spectrum. He didn’t think twice about littering, left his car running for “quick” runs into the corner store bodegas (these were in fact never quick) and, among other differences in our dating relationship, wouldn’t listen in about healthy and organic eating though many of his illnesses were diet and lifestyle related. Perhaps in the future, if times continue to get tough, I’ll peruse green dating sites like EcoDater.com or WholeEarthDating.com (yes, it’s true, these dating sites do exist).

When you’re an eco-enthusiast finding a partner who equally shares your love for the environment can be a challenge but very much attainable. Here are a few other references for what eco-friendly love may look like for the modern day planet pushers:

  • You both love to embark on “healthy” dates. Whether it’s a bike ride through the park or hiking up a mountain to enjoy the scenery, when you’re in eco-love, the great outdoors becomes a sanctuary for romance and relaxation.
  • Sharing your love for great foods and wine may often lead you to the hottest sustainable and farm fresh restaurants. Even a night in may include a trip to a healthy grocery store for organic foods in preparation for a romantic dinner that’s free of pesticides and antibiotics.
  • Sustainability is even more exciting in the bedroom. Natural massage oils are in plentiful supply, wax-free vegetable candles set the ambiance and of course there’s the condoms (which are naturally biodegradable) ready at your disposal.

What does eco-friendly love look like for you?

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  1. Opening and sustaining the wide range of possibilities in life within ourselves that is expressed all around us in nature is what I think eco-friendly love looks like. Great article.

  2. We both care about the same things. We both have compassion and care for life, are BIG on recycling (we even find dual uses for some objects the city won’t collect on recycling day), and we are healthy eaters (although I’m the vegetarian and he is an omnivore, but he eats very little meat), and we are workout junkies. Since these things are such a big part of my life and I see them as very important, I don’t think I’d be able to even hit it off with someone who didn’t seem to care about the earth, their body, or human and animal life.

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