Hidden Costs of a Big Mac

If you’re living in America, there’s a one in four chance that you ate at some sort of fast food restaurant today — and there’s a pretty good probability that that restaurant was a McDonald’s. Since 1937, McDonald’s has been making a steady contribution to the American diet.

But what started as a US-based burger joint has expanded across the globe, and its varied menu now includes everything from salads to shakes to breakfast sandwiches. But the Big Mac is one beloved meal staple that has a long standing on the McDonald’s menu, no matter what country you’re dining in. If you’ve eaten a Big Mac, however, you might not be aware of everything that made that burger happen.

The following video takes a look at the real cost of a Big Mac burger, from the health factors to economic contributions. One thing’s for sure — there’s more to a Big Mac than meets the eye.

Hidden Costs Series: Big Mac from Hidden Costs by InsuranceQuotes on Vimeo.


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  1. Ain’t shit hidden about no Big Mac. I think everything is out in open. Mickey D’s is so big now that all attacks just reinforce their hold on the diet of our culture.

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