Trying a product or a service before you actually make an investment is the new black. With many subscription services flooding the market, you can literally try hundreds of products on the market for pennies on the dollar. But not all of these boxes are created equal.

For consumers looking to make healthy lifestyle choices there are a few popular boxes making waves for their commitment to supporting natural, organic and sustainable brands focused on healthy hair care, body care and nutrition.

Here’s a look into boxes dominating in this arena:

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  1. One of my FAVORITE monthly services is called Curl Box, the first subscription service for naturally curly hair! An affordable, effortless and EXCLUSIVE way to experience products for CURLY HAIR! Definitely worth checking out as well! 🙂

    • @NJK: No disrespect, but Curl Box is all fluff no real quality. It’s all about presentation for them.

      I’d like to know more about the experience of these boxes. They all look delightful, but what’s underneath hood more important than the package.

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