It’s about that time to tuck those strands away that you’ve been toiling away with all year. You’ve been great to your hair … we know. A student of kinks and coils we’re aware that you’ve studied hard, memorized ingredients, watched enough YouTube hair videos to boot and could probably name the entire collection of your favorite natural hair care products. Go you!

With all that hard work it’s time for your hair to hibernate and what better way to keep your hair on its personal growth track than to whip up a protective style will lock in moisture and avoid the dreaded split-end phantom.

As defined by the Natural Hair Community natural hair dictionary, protective hair styles are ones that require little manipulation, protects the ends of the hair by keeping them tucked away and allows regular moisturizing. Common protective styles are twists, coils, flat twists and cornrows.

Perfect for incorporating into your regular hair care routine during brittle winter weather here are a few styles from top natural hair bloggers that you can wear to work, date night or a trip to the farmer’s market.

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  1. What about how to protect permed hair?

    • @Dani What about an updo? A french twist, bun or french braids. Winter is brutal on all hair types. Woo coats and sweaters can sap moisture from your hair and make it break off.

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