Looking to add more fiber to your diet? Good for you! Getting adequate fiber has many health benefits including boosting heart health, aiding in digestion, spurring weight loss and lowering cholesterol.

With these series of all-star attributes, there’s no wonder why Pepsi makers have begun including fiber into the newly launched Pepsi Special beverage — a new fat blocking soda in its Japan market.

But don’t be fooled. You won’t get a quick fix fiber solution in a sugary soda but you can look to healthy eating habits and choices to help you load up on the good stuff.

Here are nine high-fiber foods you’ll want to make sure are always on your grocery list:

NON-GMO Sweet Corn

A single ear of corn can yield up to two grams of fiber. Toss a cup of loose kernels into your sautee pan as a great side dish and you’ll yield 4.2 grams of delicious fiber.

Brussels sprouts

They may look like a miniature version of cabbage but these little babies pack a serious punch of health and fiber yielding 4.1 grams per cup. Steam or bake but hold the heavy oils and you’ll reap the dietary rewards.

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  1. eliminating dairy will improve regularity. diary is very constipating.

    give up dairy for a week – butter, milk products, yogurt, cheese – and see what happens. of course eating more vegetables and decreasing meat and refined/processed foods help too.

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