Just when you thought diet soda was enough, Pepsi unveiled a new fat blocking soda in its Japan market. “Pepsi Special,” contains dextrin, a fiber that allegedly helps reduce fat levels in the body.

Dextrin is sold as Benefiber in the U.S, so it’s not a new product. It’s a soluble fiber that absorbs water as it moves through our intestines. Although adding fiber to your daily diet is a good idea, it isn’t the greatest idea when combined with a sugary drink.

The Atlantic called adding fiber to soda and calling it healthy “insidious” because it could lead many people to drink more soda — and any health benefits from the added fiber would be negated.

As with everything, too much fiber isn’t good for you. 20 to 40 grams of fiber daily are an essential part of a healthy diet. Too much fiber can also cause digestive issues.

Gas and bloating can be a common byproduct of upping your fiber intake.

“Pepsi Special” doesn’t mean you should give up on regular forms fiber either. Simply eat beans, whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables. The easy way out, isn’t always the best way.

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  1. Crazy. Too bad they won’t do everybody a favor and discontinue its sugary drink line so that won’t be trying to put a band-aid on a very serious situation of diabetes

  2. What does Cyle Sage the world famous triathlete say about all of this. Eh!

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