As you’ll notice, from this post (instagram beauty link) and this one (instagram hair link) and oh yeah, this one (instagram style link), I love my Instagram. This time I’m paying it forward in the form of fitness eye candy.

Yes, it’s holiday time and the last thing on your mind is sweating to the oldies in the gym. But please hear me out: Instagram — that photographic feed of endless inspiration — has a bevy of fine and fit beauties to keep you inspired when all you want to do is chow down. There are workout flicks, snaps of healthy meals, and bodies that will make you put down that eggnog.

Also check out FitSugar’s & Frugivore Instagram, just like their sites, both are chock full of new products (from shoes to bikes) to keep you in the fit game.

Follow these ladies and see if you can keep away from the treadmill:

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  1. Awesome video!!! Lmao

  2. yes very awesome indeed the best advice i gave my sis in law in her weight loss journey is to never give up it happen’s gradually but then it ebbs and pick’s up and you will feel so much more happier once the pound’s shed

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