Jennifer Husdon’s much publicized weight loss journey is officially over. After two years and 80 pounds slashed, J-Hud is now in maintenance mode.

In an interview with Redbook, the Academy Award winner says she is tired of fans pleading with her to stop “losing so much weight.”

“But I hear all the time, ‘Don’t lose any more weight, you need to stop.’ People are under the impression that I’m still losing but I’m not,” the Chi-town native told the December issue of women’s interest magazine.

Jennifer opened up about her self-image, lamenting about her struggle to be satisfied in her own skin and in her new body:

“I’m getting used to my new self more than anything else,” she tells the magazine. “I got used to being plus-sized and knowing how to be that, whereas this is like, “Okay, who am I?” I keep thinking that I probably need an extra-large or a large and the stylist is like, “No, you need a medium or a small.”

The Dream Girls starlet says she’s happy and now understands that, as mother of a handsome young boy and as a wife to WWE wrestler David Ortega, she is only one who can make herself feel comfortable and loved.

“I’m at the weight I want to be,” the 31-year-old says.

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