Rihanna isn’t afraid to show off her body, but her latest spread for men’s monthy GQ has people talking.

The Good Girl Gone Bad diva, is no stranger to body-baring editorials, but the nearly NSFW GQ spread has fans and haters alike giving Rih Rih props for her expertly toned physique.

While Rihanna looks flawless, she puts in work to look as good as she does. After she noticed her thighs were a little too thick for her liking, Rih Rih called in celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak to help her tone up and give her body even more dangerous curves.

Because she’s short on time, Pasternak designed a workout plan Rihanna can do from virtually anywhere in the world. Aside from putting the singer on a nutritious eating plan that consists of three meals and two snack per day, Pasternak also got Rih Rih on a bike, namely the RealRyder stationary bike that works the core, while whipping legs into tip top shape.

“The bike is lightweight, easy to transport and easy to work on in a hotel room,” Harley told UK’s Mirror. “My 5 Factor regime involves five ­exercise cycles of five ­minutes. It means Rihanna can spend just 25 minutes a day working out.”

Pasternak broke down RIhanna’s super-charged 25 minute workout to the Mirror:


Rihanna starts with normal cardio warm-ups, stretching and jumping.


After five minutes she switches to forward skater lunges to tone up the front of her thighs. The stiff-leg deadlift comes next – she lifts barbells while stretching out her legs to work the back of her thighs.


Superman exercises are next. Rihanna lies flat on her stomach, then lifts her arms and legs slowly into the air, holding them still for up to 30 seconds at a time. This is great for the lower back and bum.


Next, if she is in the gym, she uses cable abduction – weights on pulleys – to work on her inner thighs.


Finally, Rihanna completes her 25-minute leg toning sessions by using her secret weapon – the RealRyder bike, a cycle with moving handlebars so she can work her core muscles at the same time.

The results are evident, Rihanna’s tone body looks both strong and feminine and ready to take on any challenge thrown its way.

What do you think of Rihanna’s GQ spread?

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  1. Serious motivation! I need to find that bike lol.

  2. I feel like there is some aureola hanging out here! She has awesome skin (if its not too airbrushed)

  3. She looks amazing! I wouldn’t mind looking like that, at all.

  4. Im sorry but I find this cover sickening. Why a Black woman?

    • Why not a black woman? @chan:

      • @avis
        I dont think I have ever seen a magazine cover, outside of a porn magazine, with the model so exposed. This cover went too far IMO; And why is it a Black model, especially because its a white magazine that rarely uses Black models. @Avids D:

        • @chan:what do you mean a WHITE magazine? ru like 90 and white?

          • @—says

            you know EXACTLY what I mean.:

          • @: I think chen is saying that the cover contributes to the stereotype of the hypersexualized Black women. The argument is that in general, Black women aren’t often displayed on the cover of GQ…except this time in which case the Black woman is chosen to be completely exposed

        • @chan: Lana Del Rey, a white woman, was completely nude on the cover of GQ a few months ago. White women are hypersexualized all the time- I think it that men finding Rihanna as sexy as a white woman is more of a sign of equality than it is stigmatizing.

  5. @Chan is reaching with this one. I agree why not a black woman. Also clearly someone’s magazine viewership is lmitd, because there are plenty of men magazines and fashion mags that displablackand white females barely clothed. and damn near nude, that are not porn magazines

    Instyle, Allure, ESPN have annual naked /body issues and cover

    The objectification arguement is running a bit thin, black women are just as complex and diverse as any other female. It’s ok for us to display the multitude of whom we are and not over analyze every single moment.

    It’s a men’s magazine, Rihanna is 20, the cover is made to sell, and this artist known for being somewhat rebellious and she is in great shape.

    • @Agree with chan….I must be underexposed because I dont recall a magazine with such a level of exposure of the female outside of porn. Put it this way I wouldnt want to see Rihanna exposed like this on M-ESSENCE! and it has nothing to do with being complex and diverse.

  6. Ri has always had the coveted model body…I don’t see a difference between before and now, and don’t understand all the hoop-la (yes I did use that word). But props on her maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle.

  7. Nice!! Anyone who disagrees can go fly a jealous kite

  8. I wished, I was bold when I was her age rock that body Rihanna. Just as the cap. states “Totally Badass!” Just as the statement above jealous will be jealous.

  9. Hmm Black, white, yellow, etc., it doesn’t matter what color, she is beautiful. However her body looks like a young boy -albeit in shape-with little breast. Where are the curves? What is wrong with women with some fullness in the hips and thighs? No, I did not say overweight either. This picture only perpetuates eating disorders because this is not a realistic figure for grown women. I’d be interested to see if the GQ readers REALLY want to see Rhianna or Mariah Carey, or the late Anna Nicole, or even Kim K (before pregnancy) naked. This is the body of a tween. IMO

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