Workout Before And After

One way to keep the pounds off this season is to get some exercise in before and after Thanksgiving dinner. The workout doesn’t have to be anything crazy, a simple walk or some body weight exercises will do as long as it gets your body moving and the blood pumping.

Working out pre and post your food fest will also help lessen some of that foodie guilt.

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  1. I ate to enjoy myself from last November to December 27th, and I still managed to lose 1 pound by January 1st. I did the following:

    *Did cardio (treadmill or stationary bike) every single day for 40-60 minutes, even on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day (yes, it was that serious).

    *Had one serving of food at my family’s house and did not take anything home. I did allow myself two servings of pie, though.

    *The day AFTER Thanksgiving (and Christmas), I worked out for 60 minutes, and the rest of the days, I just did my usual 30 minute workouts.

    *Allowed myself the occasional snack in between Thanksgiving and Christmas (2-3 small/medium sized cookies, one candy bar or cupcake, or a bowl of macaroni and cheese, and not every single day. More like every 2 days).

    *Snapped back to my usual lifestyle 2 days after Christmas.

    Like I said, I didn’t gain a pound. That’s just what worked for me personally…

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