Chrisette Michele … remember her? It seems like forever since the Grammy award winning artist dropped her last album, Let Freedom Reign, but according to reports, her hiatus was exactly what Chrisette needed to clear her head and reboot.

The Long Island native was spotted on HelloBeautiful espousing the benefits of cleansing not only her body but her soul. Showing off her arm tattoos and rocking the hell out of her new short haircut, Chrisette left a little message that gave her fans a little insight into her transformative respite:

I took some time off to travel and cleanse. I became vegan over that time of introspection and decided to be un-afraid to show my true self with my art. I’ve decided to style myself from now on, and express my ideas and points of view the way I choose. Paris reminded me that it’s ok to wear my “art” on my sleeve. I call this new sense of self, of being, of creativity “Rich Hipster.” I’m rich in heart and rich in art.

It sounds like Chrisette is in a good place where she is comfortable with herself and her expression. We can only imagine what her new album will sound like with all her newfound fearlessness and “richness.” What a beautiful woman!

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  1. Good for her (on being vegan). I like the new look, too! Fits her.

  2. I get a good vibe from her!

  3. She is very stylish always. I’m glad she taking her seriously

  4. She is so beautiful!! I always loved her and as someone else above stated I always had a “good vibe from her.” I can’t wait to hear the new album.

  5. Love this look for her, Great move health wise!

  6. She looks like a yucky monster. >:(

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