Maintaining a flawless layering routine is ideal for keeping warm during cold weather months. While sweaters, scarves and knee-high socks become staples in your wardrobe, it’s important to consider that what you put over your body is just as important for what you put on your body.

Simply put: don’t neglect your skin just because the weather is pushing you to cover up a little more these days.

Layering your skin with added protection is no exception to the rule. As you bundle up, create a pampering routine for your skin to prevent dehydration, flakes, dryness and irritation.

Here are our picks for the best hydrating solutions for winter weather skin:

Burt’s Bees Ultimate Care Body Lotion

Perfect for an after-shower body treat, the Burt’s bees Ultimate Care Body Lotion ($10) combines nourishing Baobab Oil, nutrient-rich Pumpkin Seed Oil and Green Tea Extract to banish dry skin.

Whoop Ash Body Butter Cream

Created by Sheree Fletcher, Hollywood Exes star and ex-wife to Will Smith, this body butter cream ($19.95) is infused with rare white honey, mango & shea butter for a non-greasy, natural moisturizer that gives sheen and radiance to severely dry skin.

Pooka Pure and Simple Papaya Body Butter

Thinking of the tropics but experiencing more arctic weather conditions? Pooka Pure and Simple’s Papaya Body Butter ($14) nourishes and smoothes your skin with the healing capabilities of shea butter, avocado and beeswax for moisture that sticks.

What are your favorite winter skin moisturizers?

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  1. This is a super timely article as my combination sky gets really dry during the winter. I love the name Whoop Ash! Creative at least! But I think I may just stick to olive oil and coconut oils this winter

  2. 6 words: Trader Joe’s A Midsummer’s Night Cream. I have really dry skin and I’ve tried all kinds of creams and potions. It’s less than $4 and it’s super moisturizing.

  3. I love Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil and Whipped Shea butter from Oyin Handmade

  4. Tree Hut shea butter body cream in Hawaiian kukui scent or almond and honey scent. Works really well for me.

  5. I’ve been using baby oil gel and sometimes, Eucerin.

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