My daily green tea habit is hard core. I like mine served straight with no chaser and avoid bagged leaves whenever possible, preferring to stare my tea leaves right in the face after a proper brewing. Being a Starbucks-city born and bred girl my unexplainable affinity for tea over coffee has grown into a quest for locating the best tea spots in New York City and beyond.

Coffee may have its place, but for those on a three times a day or more addiction should be warned that too much of a good thing is never a good idea. The US National Library of Medicine reports that the over-consumption of coffee has been associated with increases in several cardiovascular disease risk factors, including blood pressure and plasma homocysteine.

Not sure if you can make the switch from beans to leaves? If the taste alone doesn’t convince you to cross over to the other side of beverage bliss, you may be intrigued by the numerous health benefits that drinking green tea on a regular basis provides.

As a natural cancer fighter, green tea has also been linked to the prevention of skin, stomach, lung and ovarian cancers as well as liver disease and diabetes. And if you’re looking to boost your weight loss regimen you’ll want to incorporate green tea into your regular diet for help boosting your metabolism and burning fat.

Researchers presented the new findings on the link between both prostate and breast cancer and green tea at the American Association for Cancer Research meeting on cancer prevention in mid-October. Their findings concluded that Men with prostate cancer who drank green tea had less prostate tissue inflammation, linked to cancer growth, and other changes than those who didn’t drink it. Additionally, the findings reported that the extract Polyphenon E found in green tea may inhibit breast cancer by affecting growth factor substances.

Would you ditch your coffee habit in favor of healthy green tea?


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