If there were a real-time Photoshop app for deleting cellulite from our thighs, I’m sure that most of us would sacrifice our mortgage to get in on the deal. In a media depicted world where supermodels display the ideal body- image and one wouldn’t’ be caught dead without at least one pair of Spanx, it is nearly a sin to have anything less than a flawlessly tone body, perfect hair and a red-bottom shoe collection to match. But let’s take step back and look at reality. We live in the real world and in the real world real women have curves … and cellulite.

Cellulite (or scientifically called adiposis edematosa) is a term used to describe the dimpled appearance of fat deposits just below the surface of the skin. Usually occurring after puberty, cellulite has a higher chance of proliferating in our bodies due to estrogen and other hormonal factors that prepare us for child rearing. The more fat we have, the more likely we are to have and see cellulite in our hips, buns and thigh areas. Lucky us.

While there are a variety of lifestyle factors that can contribute to cellulite – such as genetics, a high-sugar, refined carbohydrate and low-fiber diet — many cellulite treatments available on the market have proven ineffective to banish cellulite completely. From topical creams to ultrasound therapy, many women spend thousands of dollars each year trying to reduce or eliminate the appearance of cellulite to no avail.

Erika Nicole Kendall, creator of the popular blog Black Girl’s Guide to Weight Loss mentions that the best way to prevent cellulite from occurring is regular activity that burns fat combined with building muscle mass. Kendall makes a great point that also establishes that our focus on cellulite specifically is a little off-kilter. Instead of worrying about the lack of a smooth surface happening underneath our jeggings perhaps we should focus our attention on the main contributor to cellulite – fat.

Carrying an unhealthy amount of fat on our bodies can negatively impact our health. By not exercising or living a healthy lifestyle, we are at risk for accumulating visceral fat, the fat that surrounds our organs, which increases our risk for type two diabetes, heart disease and other metabolic syndromes. By embarking on regular healthy diet and fitness routine to reduce fat, we can boost our health and energy while indirectly affecting the appearance of cellulite.

Don’t toss your money out the window in an effort to find the “cure” for your lady lumps. Grab your gym bag, a friend and a protein bar or two and don’t worry about your cellulite. Worry about how many more reps of squats you can get in before the day is over.

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  1. Great advice and links Sherrell. Cellulite will show up regardless of any methods one tries to use but one of the best methods I have found is get regular messages. The hands are incredibly healing and can help destroy the fat in our legs.

  2. I have curves and my legs are thick not skinny, but I don’t have ANY cellulite “knock on wood” and I’m in my 30’s. I stay active and do a lot of running and some strengthening exercises for the lower body. I also eat a ton of a raw fruits and veggies. I do have some bad habits which I won’t name lol, but I do make an effort and I don’t believe that everyone has to have cellulite so I put in the effort to make sure I don’t get it.

  3. Am very thin but my hands are having cellulite from the age of 19.What should i do to escape from this ?

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