Many of us were raised on the fast food diet being able to identify the golden arches as toddlers. Before we could even spell our names we knew how to order a chicken nugget happy meal from McDonalds along with the salty fries and soda (they didn’t offer milk at that time). What was simply supposed to be a treat when the parents were too beat from a long day at work now makes up the typically American meal. And it’s costing us.

In 2010, CNN ran a special segment reporting that our beloved 20-piece nugget cuisine contained the exact same ingredients found in silly putty. Proudly toting over one billion served takes on a whole new meaning.

Unfortunately, refusing to be a willing participant in fast food chow won’t keep you entirely safe. Even the supermarket can be full of secrets.


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  1. Meat, organic or not, is still detrimental to your health and innocent, sentient animals are STILL murdered for the sake of your dinner plate. Go vegan to save the planet, innocent animals, and your arteries. There is no such thing as a healthy diet that features meat.

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