Work your inner and outer thighs and your hips with the stiletto circles. Using a rubber balance ball stand tall behind the ball with shoulders back. Balancing on one leg, gently lift your leg up and over the ball waving over it back and forth slowly in an arch move. Complete 10 – 15 reps and switch over to the other side.

Grab a chair or a cane for extra balance.

Are you willing to try the stiletto workout routine?

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  1. Nicole Damaris of NDG FIT created the Stiletto Workout, and has been teaching it across the country. Your information is wrong, is you should contact her. One of the biggest things you should know is that not only did she crate it, she is the one who teaches it, not here PT or with her. You have no idea of who intense Nicole Damaris’s Stiletto classes are which is why Cosmo & Ebony magazines featured.

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