Celebrity fashion stylist June Ambrose took us to new heights in diva-dom when she revealed her trick for keeping her svelte figure in shape on the recently aired season of Styled By June on VH1. Instantly, most of us watching that evening were intrigued and yet intimidated by her expertly performed Stiletto Workout.

This super sexy twist on dance cardio, not even celebrity client and rapper Trina was able to keep up with the petite personality and her six inch shoes of power. It looked hard, fierce and sexy all at the same damn time. We all wanted in, I’m sure. (Here’s a link to June’s workout for those that need a visual)

Working it out in stilettos for every day fashion can be quite the workout itself, but to add in a high-powered cardio routine can seem almost insane. However, there is a method behind the madness. The Stiletto Workout is a calisthenics-style workout developed at fitness chain Crunch and practiced by health and fitness enthusiasts around the country. After one of these classes you may just be ready to give up your Tuesday night Zumba routine.

So here’s how it works:

The dancer-inspired exercises create lean curves using only your body weight and stilettos as resistance. You’ll benefit from better posture and form as you focus on balance and control. The plus side of this routine? Minimal equipment is used with a strong emphasis on not you’re your posture but core strength as well.

After a few weeks following this workout routine say hello to sexy buns, thighs, calves and abs as you walk the runway in your highest of heels. Add your stiletto moves to your Groupon-deal pole dance class (admit it; we’ve all bought at least one) and you’ve got yourself a complete routine to take into the bedroom or to the club.

There are a few precautions you bust take before you hop into your best pair of heaven-reaching heels. You’ll want to check in with your doctor before embarking onto this sexy workout plan. If you’re a fitness buff with major knee, back or hip conditions as this workout is ill-advised and could create further issues for you down the line.

Class styles can vary from program to program with some routines conducted with anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes of the class in stilettos. But if you’re interested in trying out a few moves from the comfort (and secrecy) of your own living room, pull out your Jimmy Choo’s and follow these easy move (carefully) for sexy, sultry legs:

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  1. Nicole Damaris of NDG FIT created the Stiletto Workout, and has been teaching it across the country. Your information is wrong, is you should contact her. One of the biggest things you should know is that not only did she crate it, she is the one who teaches it, not here PT or with her. You have no idea of who intense Nicole Damaris’s Stiletto classes are which is why Cosmo & Ebony magazines featured.

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