Workout out like a primal

Your exercise routine will incorporate survival moves like short sprints (simulating running from wild animals), pull-ups, and lots of functional strength-building moves like lunges, push-ups, and squats.

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  1. What a nice run down of the paleo diet. Although it definitely has some beneficial properties, some people may get bored of it because its very strict when it comes to what you shouldn’t eat. Its very easy to get stuck with the standard vegetable, slab of meat and side of fruits. Eating that every day doesn’t sound too pleasant unless you have a paleo cookbook. There’s one thats quite popular right now with 300+ recipes, if you want to check it out this website has a pretty extensive review about it.

  2. I’m a proud Paleo eater. I’d been vegan for 18 years and had no complaints but this diet is exactly what I was looking for to boost my metabolism and maintain my muscle mass as I age. I encourage anyone to take a look at the diet before they take the plunge.

  3. i tried the paleo diet but started experiencing kidney pains. I’m going to focus more on eating less grains (especially wheat which from the research i’m doing is looking more and more to be poisonous for the body) and legumes and eating more fruits and veggies. I think the biggest thing that helped was avoiding grains.

  4. i never knew until reading this article that I follow the Paleo Diet, down to the description of the workouts. I have a lot of food allergies, mainly legumes, shellfish, and lactose. By just following those restrictions alone, the only foods left to eat are those described here. It’s not as bad as it seems and my body is a lot healthier after this change in my diet.

  5. Thanks for the explanation, I’ve been looking into this!

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