The first time I saw D’Angelo’s now iconic video for ‘Untitled’ I was mesmerized.

He not only sounded like he was the second coming of Prince, but the visuals of D’Angelo’s glimmering, chocolate body were simply astounding.

As D crooned about pleasing his woman, the camera slowly panned over his expertly toned physique, teasing viewers with the promise of seeing a little more than the FCC would allow.

By the time the chorus kicked in, and D’Angelo stood unflinchingly and seemingly naked in front of the camera, many women (and probably a good amount of men) zeroed in on what I affectionately call “The Promised Land,” the sculpted V made by his chiseled lower abs and hip flexors, that lead right on home.

Dubbed “sexy lines” by Men’s Fitness, the V is one of the most delicious parts of a man’s body, and also one of the most difficult to attain.

Although many men try to crunch their way to “The Promised Land,” the V takes serious work. And that’s why we love it so.

Planks, lower ab exercises, and vast amounts of cardio help men sculpt this area and give their partner a visual roadmap to a happy ending.

Fellas, we love the V, not only because it shows you are committed to your health, and but also because it means you’re probably committed to pleasing us as well.

So before you decide to skimp on your next run or hit those oblique exercises, don’t. Your boo (or future boo) will thank you later.

All hail the V!

Do you love the V? What do you think is the sexiest part of a man’s body?

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  1. Yes Lawd! I’d probably have to agree that it is the V……second to that maybe the eyes or the sexy smile. You know, the “look”.

  2. A man could have epic biceps, bangin’ pecs, and a face that makes you wonder if you picked the wrong lord and saviour…but damn if dat V ain’t the most distracting part of his anatomy every time.

  3. it has to be the arm’s i’m a sucker for nice arms’ and my man has that in spades oh yeah i like a nice firm gut and nice firm arms

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