You’ve just started your diet and you’re feeling empowered. You stuck to a very diligent grocery list of items you’ll need for the next week and you left feeling Whole Foods content and ready to take on the world. No sugar, no carbs, no late night runs to 7-eleven and fried foods are a thing of the past. Go you!

Mid-way through your day, as you’re counting your calories and munching on your bag of granola, you see it; that picture of your friend’s fried tilapia, grilled greens and macaroni and cheese resplendent with a healthy slice of red velvet cake all over Instagram. You’re mouth waters.

Subsequent pictures reveal more amazing meals being shared by your social network. The burden is heavy and your will is weak. Your mind says you’re trying to reach a goal but your stomach says one small indulgence won’t hurt. What do you do at these crossroads?

Foodies and food lovers are saturating social networks with images of inspiring and not-so-inspiring meals, tagging homemade cuisine and restaurant menus with #foodporn like it’s going out of style. There are over 6 million photos taken of food on Instagram and 6 million more reasons why it can be hard to keep a consistent diet when there are so many images of great things to eat.

Have any of you ever been challenged by images of food and staying on top of your diet?

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  1. Instragram doesn’t mess me up if I ‘m dieting though the pictures make my mind go places it shouldn’t. Maybe y’all should start a health tag for people trying stay on their diet

  2. It messes with my mind to see pictures of dessert. One look at a cupcake or brownies, and I’m in the kitchen. So I try not to look at those types of pics. If I don’t, the next thing you know, I’m searching the web for brownie and pie recipes for 3 hours straight. I keep healthy food blogs in my bookmarks, which help me out a lot. I’m already a struggling, recovering emotional eater. Food pics are to Le as coffee is to a caffeine addict. I am dead serious. No joking. I’m struggling at this very moment.

    • @Le: Love #foodporn & I’m such an over-emotional eater. I am the same way about bookmark and favorites that I’ll go through while at work so I’m prepared at home. Healthy food just never looks as good as a waffle cone with strawberry ice cream dripping out of it.

  3. Even the cooking and foodie shows sometimes create an appetite for me where there is none. I had to wonder why I was always getting hungry after dinner? Bobby Flay on my TV!

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