Basic Vinyasa (with a seasoned instructor!)

Also based in Brooklyn, certified core strength vinyasa instructor Brian Williams loves to teach beginners.

“I think vinyasa yoga is great for new students, as long as you find an instructor who focuses on alignment and precision in the poses, and can show you how to modify poses as you go,” he says. “There are a lot of good level one vinyasa classes out there that teach the basic poses, and incorporate a little flow to keep things lively and interesting.”

Brian explains that the main thing to remember is to not push your body too hard. “It is easy to see a posture and think you should look a certain way in it,” he says, “and the truth is that people come to yoga with all types of differences: in their flexibility, their strength, and even in their skeletal anatomy.

In other words, it’s best to work with an instructor who is both willing and able to help you modify your poses, so that you can over time develop at a pace that is ideal for your body.

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