Everyone could use a little boost when it comes to working out. The more natural the boost, the better.

According to SHAPE, the following 5 foods can give you the extra boost your workout so deserves


Runners love a cup of pre-race joe for the pep it puts in their step. Research shows that the caffeine in coffee can enhance physical endurance and stamina, making a long run or ride feel easier.

Iced or hot green tea works too. Feel free to add milk, but skip the sugar, which can negate the caffeine kick.

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  1. The tart cherry juice trick is good for more than just the after-workout pains. I’ve used it to mute the pain from a damaged nerve chunk (CRPS) and after two weeks it’s down to hurting only when inclement weather blows in. The ginger tip is another good one. For those with delicate stomachs, it can be taken in capsules.

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