5. Try light cross-training

If you’re feeling like you have a little energy, but don’t want to compromise your lungs, try to do some light cardio or strength-training, like gentle yoga, a walk or a few reps with 1-2 pound weights. The simple act of keeping up with an exercise routine, however “easy” it may seem, can keep your head in the game, so to speak. When you finally get back on the trail, you won’t have that guilty feeling about taking days off, because you kept active despite being sick.

Last, but not least, if you have anything that required you to see a doctor in the first place, make sure you check in with him or her before you start training again. The last thing you want is for your symptoms to get worse.

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  1. Just in time. I’ve gotten a fall cold and I am on the fence about contining to train.

  2. I continued to workout last week and over the weekend with the onslaught of a head cold, and I must say it did not help but may have made it worse. This week I have had to sit out as the congestion is just now starting to break a bit.
    These nasty ass people I work with come to work sick cough and sneeze freely in the air spreading germs. I spray lysol but it didn’t help me this time.

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