4. Wait a day

So your flu/cold/illness is gone and you’re feeling a thousand percent better. Awesome. But don’t go for a run just yet. Wait a day. According to running experts, it’s better to wait until the day after your symptoms are gone to go for a run. If you don’t give yourself 24 hours for your body to readjust to feeling normal again, you could end up back in bed. Better to play it safe than sorry, no?

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  1. Just in time. I’ve gotten a fall cold and I am on the fence about contining to train.

  2. I continued to workout last week and over the weekend with the onslaught of a head cold, and I must say it did not help but may have made it worse. This week I have had to sit out as the congestion is just now starting to break a bit.
    These nasty ass people I work with come to work sick cough and sneeze freely in the air spreading germs. I spray lysol but it didn’t help me this time.

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