1. The “below the neck” rule.

I’ve read in more than one place that, if your symptoms are below the neck, don’t run.

Chest congestion or a bad cough means that your respiratory system could be compromised if you run in that condition. You could contract strep throat, bronchitis or other nasty things, so stay in bed.

If your symptoms are above the neck, however, like sneezing or a runny nose, it’s probably OK to go for a jog.

Do an easy run and see how you feel.

Pay attention to your body and note how it responds.

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  1. Just in time. I’ve gotten a fall cold and I am on the fence about contining to train.

  2. I continued to workout last week and over the weekend with the onslaught of a head cold, and I must say it did not help but may have made it worse. This week I have had to sit out as the congestion is just now starting to break a bit.
    These nasty ass people I work with come to work sick cough and sneeze freely in the air spreading germs. I spray lysol but it didn’t help me this time.

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