Getting to a fit and healthy body is all a matter of what you’re eating and how often you’re working out. We all know this. It’s all about calories in and calories burned. When making the decision to burn more calories than you’re consuming, there has to be effort in keeping track of such, but sometimes that can be a bit difficult. I know a few people who find it hard to keep track of everything when they’re on a fitness journey.

They can’t decide on healthy lunches to pack for work, how to calculate their daily calories, or what workout is great at burning fat in a target area. It’s a lot of work, actually, and I get how this can seem foreign to anyone who’s not used to it.

But thankfully, for those of us who don’t see the simplicity of planning healthy meals, or who still haven’t gotten used to writing down serving sizes and calories, there are two very popular online tools, both 100 % membership free, that could help you with better manage your journey.

Ever heard of My Fitness Pal? It’s one of the most popular online food diaries out there. Not only can you access this on the web, but it’s also accessible as an app on your cell. The site has a database of over 2 million food items, so it’s almost guaranteed that the food items you’re eating is already on the site. If you regrettably, or maybe not so regrettably, ate a Doritos Locos Taco Supreme today, My Fitness Pal will tell you that that yummy taco cost you 200 calories.

Your counting calories days will never be the same. It’s as simple as logging in, typing in your foods, and letting the site do the rest. From reading the site’s forums, you can see that it’s very effective in helping members lose weight and continue to keep it off. You can’t go wrong with this one. is indeed the easiet way for anyone to keep track of their foods by loging their meals, no pen & paper needed!

Another extremely popular online health and fitness community is Spark People. This lovely gem has everything imaginable for people who either want to follow a program and lose weight, or for those who just want to maintain and live a healthy lifestyle. And I personally think it’s the best site like this out there. After you type in your weight and height, you then set your goal and supply your preferences and conditions. After all your information is submitted, Spark People gives you meal plans and a fitness program that’s personalized to your goals. There’s a calorie counter, and plenty of recipes are offered as well. This site also has certified dietitians and fitness instructors working for them, so you know it’s real.

There are countess of helpful articles, weekly newsletters are delivered to your inbox, and there are even fitness videos that you can do in your home. Also,one of the most important factors in getting in shape is having people to help motivate you, and this site has that. It’s called Spark People for a reason. It’s an online community of people pushing each other towards their goals and praising them for their accomplishments. And reading the tons of before and after stories in the message boards will definitely leave you inspired. Visiting this site daily will become your new addiction, and that’s a great addiction to have.

Both of these sites are very helpful tools to a healthy and fit lifestyle. If you feel you already have this handled on your own, you can always consider upgrading-hey, it’s free! And for newcomers, you’ll be happy to see how easy it all is. I say, tell a friend to tell a friend about these sites and join the movement, because there really is no downside.

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  1. I’ve been using Spark People since my last doctor’s appointment. I’ve not lost much weight yet, but doing the workouts, I’ve started to get my energy back. Holding myself accountable has been a big change, and it is easier than ever to remember to stay on target.

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