Sugar and refined carbohydrates are not your friend. Stick to whole foods like brown rice and oatmeal, healthy fats like avocados and nuts, and healthy lean meats and fish.

You’ll also want to pay attention to your caloric intake to make sure you’re not overeating on the good stuff. Keep track of your meals and exercise with free helpful tools like available online as well as on your smart phone.


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  1. Help!!!!!!!!!!!! I recently started working the third shift,(8:00 to 6:00) in morning and i’m finding it hard not to get my diet together.Can you help with some type of food list that I can buy and eat when I go on my lunch break at 11:00.Also I have pick a bad habit of drinking coffee before I go to work,and drink a Redbull on break…is this good or bad..Please help with some type of answer..and I need to start back working out as well..One good part is i don’t eat red meat,,really not too much meat never like meat as a kid.So never try beef..But iam a junk food eater who don’t want to be HELP, with the AB’s..Thanks in Advance..

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