Perfecting your posture can help to keep the bulge from becoming a noticeable faux pas.

Walk with your shoulders back, your back straight and your abs tight for a daily lift that exercises your mid-section. As you workout or even sit be conscientious of your body, your posture and the tightness of your abs.


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  1. Help!!!!!!!!!!!! I recently started working the third shift,(8:00 to 6:00) in morning and i’m finding it hard not to get my diet together.Can you help with some type of food list that I can buy and eat when I go on my lunch break at 11:00.Also I have pick a bad habit of drinking coffee before I go to work,and drink a Redbull on break…is this good or bad..Please help with some type of answer..and I need to start back working out as well..One good part is i don’t eat red meat,,really not too much meat never like meat as a kid.So never try beef..But iam a junk food eater who don’t want to be HELP, with the AB’s..Thanks in Advance..

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