Tayst, Nashville

There’s more than just country music being cooked up in Nashville. Tayst restaurant and wine bar is the first and only green certified restaurant in Nashville, having received certification from the Green Restaurant Association). Owner and chef Jeremey Barlow sources all of the restaurants food from local farms. In turn her creates seasonal meals and provides diners with incredible ingredients with superior flavor, more nutritious foods and community support.

Constantly evolving his mission towards greater environmentally responsibility, Barlow switched out energy draining lights, traded in toxic cleaning products for planet-friendly ones and found ways to reduce the waste created from being open five days a week.

“Food is a wonderful representation of the state of the earth it is grown in. When the earth suffers, food production suffers, and when the earth is healthy, food production flourishes. It takes the nutrients from the air, soil and water and turns it into nutrients for us. We in turn use those nutrients and return them to the earth,” said Barlow in a statement made on his website.

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